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Windows 10: How to Turn Your Windows PC into a WiFi Hotspot

Just like on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can also share an internet connection on Windows 10. Microsoft’s platform works as a WiFi or Bluetooth hotspot to help you connect other devices. For example, you can create a wireless internet connection in Windows and allow other network users to access it.

There are numerous practical benefits of this feature. Perhaps you are in a location where access for multiple devices on a network is limited. Some hotels only allow for one device to connect to their Wi-Fi at a time through a captive-portal login. In these situations, you may need your Windows 10 PC to work but also your smartphone.

It is worth noting this is different from connecting a mobile hotspot to a Windows laptop. Instead, you are doing a reverse and turning your PC into a wireless hotspot (wireless access point).

When this happens, it is important to know how to create and share an internet connection as a hotspot in Windows 10. If you want to be more versatile than running a wired internet connection, generating an ad-hoc network in Windows turns your PC into a wireless hotspot.

Users were able to first create a WiFi hotspot for Windows 7 and Microsoft has carried the feature through generations to Windows 10.

The good news is Windows 10 has built-in hotspot software so you can create a free WiFi hotspot (wireless access point) for laptop devices. An ad-hoc network is easy to create on the platform by following the steps below:

With the key combination “Windows + I” you first open the Windows 10 settings and switch to “Network and Internet“.