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Airplane mode keeps turning on and off in Windows 10

If your Windows 10 Airplane mode constantly keeps turning itself on and off, then this post will help you fix the problem. It can happen after a Windows 10 Feature update, or it could be because of Power Management or Network adapter issues. Follow these tips to fix the Airplane mode problem.

These are known working solutions for this problem, and every time you try one, make sure to check if the issue was resolved.

  • Change Power Management settings

  • Run Network troubleshooters

  • Switch off Radio Switch Device

  • Update Network Driver

Most of these solutions will need admin privileges to make the changes.

1] Change Network Adapter and Power Management Settings

On a Windows 10 Laptop, Power Management can turn off the device or its component to save power. It is possible that this mode is creating this issue if you are running on battery.

  • Use WIN + X, and then M to open Device Manager

  • Navigate to Network Adapters, and expand it

  • Locate the network adapter in the computer, and right-click on it

  • Select properties, and then switch to Power Management tab

  • Uncheck the item Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

  • Click on the Ok button to apply the change.

If the OS was turning off the adapter because of power-saving, then this stops it. The easiest way to solve this is by connecting your computer to a power source, but if this is a regular annoyance, it is best to turn it off from here.

2] Run Network troubleshooters

At times Network Troubleshooters come in handy resolve many issues, including this one.  Windows 10 offers built-in Network Troubleshooter, which fixes a lot of the network-related problems like this one.

  • Open Windows Settings (Win+ I)

  • Navigate to Update & Security > Troubleshoot

  • Find Network Adapter, and click on Run the Troubleshooter button

  • Post this, let the wizard run, and do its job.

Check if your problem is still persistent.

3] Switch off Radio Switch Device

It’s not a fix but a workaround if you are still facing this issue.

  • Use WIN + X, and then M to open Device Manager

  • Expand HID or Human Interface Devices

  • Switch off Radio Switch Device or disable it.

The switch is available for devices that have a hardware switch or a keyboard combination to turn off wifi on the device. Post this; those hardware switches won’t work. It would be best if you can connect to customer support to find out if this is a known problem and get a solution.

4] Update Network Driver

It is a standard solution we suggest to everyone as it has known to work. If the installed driver has issues, then reinstalling will fix Airplane mode turning on or off the problem.

The right way to do is to check with OEM or use one of the driver updater software to see if there is a new version available.

We hope one of these solutions in the posts is able to resolve the problem.

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